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Product of the Month- GPS Circulate

Improve your workout before you workout! 

GPS Circulate

Whether you are walking, cycling, working in the yard, or involved in a serious body building workout, your body needs to effectively transport energy and nutrients to the muscles, including the heart and lungs. Amino acids were designed to do this very job, along with building and repairing muscles. GPS Circulate has 5300 mg of branched chain amino acids that effectively do all three of these jobs. When taken before your physical activity, Circulate ensures that your body is receiving the nutrients and energy that is needed for whatever level of activity you will be doing.

GPS Circulate also contains glucose polymers which are multiple chains of glucose that provide a boost to the body's energy level during activity. They are used more rapidly by the body during activity than regular sugar, and therefore do not linger within the body causing gastrointestinal distress during exercise. Glucose polymers also delay fatigue within the body, allowing for greater endurance, and they encourage calcium absorption within the body which is needed for the heart and bones.

When GPS Circulate is taken before your physical activity, blood flow is improved as arteries relax, delivery of energy at the cellular level is enhanced, and lean body mass is preserved while muscle tissue is protected. No matter your level of activity, Circulate can truly help make your physical activity more effective and enjoyable, while benefitting the body in numerous ways. Take one scoop in 8 ounces of water 10-30 minutes before you engage in physical activity.    

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